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API Design for C++ pdf download

API Design for C++ by Martin Ry

API Design for C++

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API Design for C++ Martin Ry ebook
Page: 446
Format: pdf
ISBN: 9780123850034
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann

So I decided to start on my webspeed-project doing a http/fastcgi server. Graphics&more: Morgan Kaufmann (2-2011) | PDF | 472 pages | 0123850037 | 4.7Mb API Design for C++ /by Martin Reddy. This is a rather accessible look at the . Another example: Contrary to the default belief of some I've encountered (and then corrected), Gavin King has never programmed in C++. If you are designing a C API, have each function return a success/error code. Worse, recent APIs implemented in modern programming languages make the same mistakes as their 20-year-old counterparts written in C. This page should be helpful for everyone who is interested in using C++ in scientific computation, especially on large projects. Based on hearsay, Qt is quite complicated and hackish inside, but what it presents to the outside is pure delight in terms of API design. Asynchronous API in C++ and the Continuation Monad. Somewhat later I had the pleasant experience of writing C++ code with Qt. I keep getting back to some references on the best practices for C++/Java API design so I decided to summarize them all here for future reference. The latest C++11 Standard was a brave attempt, after many years of neglect, at catching up with the reality of concurrent programming. There seems to be something elusive about API design that, despite years of progress, we have yet to master. For C++/Java/.NET, provide custom exception classes. API Design for C++ M,,,an K,,,nn | 2011 | ISBN: 0123850037 | 472 pages | PDF | 17 MB The design of application programming interfaces can affect the behavior, capabilities, stability, and ea. So far I'm just implementing the http-server itself, but designing it so that a typedef will turn it into a fastcgi server instead.

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